MantraMed is a multilayered concept founded upon the triangulation of breath, body and voice - and how to navigate your life using these tools as a way to access clarity, to understand who you are and how to live your purpose.



Breath is life; life begins when we take our first breath and ends when we take our last. The Latin word for breath is inspirar, sharing roots with the both “spirit” and “inspiration;” meaning that with every breath we literally breathe in life. Unfortunately the way most of us breathe causes more challenges than it alleviates. When the breath remains shallow it tells the body that we are in survival mode, sending us directly into the fight or flight response – where we remain stuck in stress and anxiety, with our diaphragm totally locked and no hope of accessing our true emotions. The breath is the easiest assessment tool you can access; by focusing on deepening the breath you can reclaim your energy, harness your vitality, and access the clarity you need to connect to what you truly want.



Like it or not you have a body, and it is your vehicle in which to navigate this world. It is your temple, the vessel that you inhabit to do your work in the world; yet this is not how bodies are treated. Even most yogis only spend a few hours a week actually inhabiting their bodies; and those are the hours spent in the yoga studio. Body shame, fad diets that are actually unhealthy, and denying pain lead to a society that is in a constant state of dissociation. Your body is screaming for help, trying everything to get you to listen and take action, and the more you choose not to listen to what your body is telling you, the more you open yourself up to injury, disease and major health problems. When you take the time to listen to your body it will talk back to you, though you may not like what you hear at first. This will give you access to the wisdom of your body and new levels of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.



Your body is your  power to create; it is the foundation of all communication. When you own the power of your voice you can connect deeply with yourself and everyone you come in contact with. The voice is your gateway between your inner world and the outer world. The problem is you lost your voice, and you need to get it back. At some point, probably when you were very young, you were told something like "Sit down and shut up," "You don't have a good voice," "You have nothing to say," "Your voice doesn't matter," or something of this nature. These messages shut down your ability to express yourself, making it nearly impossible to get what you want - often blocking you from even knowing what you want. This blocks your ability to align with your purpose, so it feels like life has no meaning. The good news is that you can reclaim the power of your voice, even a simple hum will get things moving in the right direction. Your voice charges your brain, and through proper use of your voice you can break through the years of programming that has shut you down so you can not only fulfill your purpose, you can materialize your dreams.