Unplug & Release Meditation

I designed this meditation at a time when I needed to let some people go from my life. I felt drained, like my energy was being pulled in 1000 directions at once. I needed to let go of every connection in my life, and I was terrified because the journey I was about to embark upon was uncharted territory. I wasn't sure how this experiment would end, yet I followed my instincts and I disconnected from everyone in my life. 

After this release I felt calm for the first time in my life. I could just be, and it felt amazing. I reconnected with the people in my life and I noticed something extraordinary: I related to them in a whole new way.

As I inquired into the nature of this change I realized that I had been relating to them as who they were when we met, and I was totally missing out on who they are now.

This meditation was life-changing for me, so I started to share this process with people (clients, friends, etc.) and it worked it's way into one of the first programs Becky & I created: The Relationship Detox. If you download the Unplug & Release Meditation, it might be be called Outer World Detox - this is what this meditation is called in The Relationship Detox. 

To use the Unplug & Release Meditation:

Step 1: Make A List

  • Set a timer for 10 minutes
  • Write down the names of all the people you need to disconnect from
  • NO HESITATION: If someone's name enters your mind there is a reason, add them to your list

Step 2: Review Your List

  • Read through your list once and make sure it is thorough
  • Pick 3 people to release at a time, as that is how the recording is setup
  • Listen to your intuition as you choose the order of release

Step 3: Unplug & Release

  • Listen to the meditation
  • Journal about your experience
  • Repeat Steps 2 & 3 as often as necessary