Isn't it time for you to be seen, heard and felt for who you really are?

If you know you're ready to take the next step and begin your journey through The Relationship Detox Program, sign up today. You can be free from what is holding you back in your life, you can transform your relationships and you can live the life you've always dreamed of - the first step is to let go of what you have always done and start doing something new. In The Relationship Detox Program, Becky & Cory will lead you through the process of letting go and creating new habits.

Live The Life YOU choose!


If you're ready to release the thoughts, feelings, and emotions from any relationships (past and present) that are keeping you from moving forward, have you feeling stuck or trapped in your life, or is preventing you from having the types of relationships that you desire; letting go of any connection that is keeping you from living a life you love, attracting your ideal romantic partner, amazing clients and the money you want to be making; click the button below, and get started with The Relationship Detox Program NOW!

                        You don't have to do this alone...

                    You don't have to do this alone...


          In the Relationship Detox Program, you will get:

  • 21 days of continuous support, complete with exercises to guide through the process of detoxing from your relationships
  • 4 live calls with Becky & Cory to answer all your questions and explore the theme of each week
  • Access to a web portal with downloadable audio, written exercises and journal questions - with new resources unlocked every day
  • Access to a community of like-minded individuals that are going through the same process you are so you can share your breakdowns and breakthroughs with others who know what it's like to feel stuck
  • Email support from Becky & Cory where you can submit all your questions, comments and concerns throughout your entire program

Your journey through the Three Worlds will be unlike anything you have yet to experience. The person you are right now will not be the person you are after your journey, you will know yourself on a deeper level than you ever thought possible and the way you will show up in the world will be radically different as well. Once you are able to clear out all you cobwebs, you will experience a freedom that is unparalleled in this world. It is time for you to be the person you want to be! You don't have to do this alone...


          ...we're here for you!

        ...we're here for you!

Benefits of The Relationship Detox Program:

You will be seen for who you are right now - no longer treated as you used to be

You will be part of a community who loves and supports you for you - without any expectations

You will attract who and what you want into your life - never settle for less than you desire again

You will rediscover your power - never let it be taken away again

You will be Free to live your life the way you choose - no one will make decisions for you again


It is time for you to live your own life.
Let go of the past, and take the journey of a lifetime.
Rediscover who you are, and show the world who you really are.

The Relationship Detox Program is yours for only $497. Click the link below to register, and expect a call from Becky or Cory to welcome you to the program. Congratulations, it's time to live the life you've always dreamed of, are you ready for the adventure?