Part 1: In Person Sessions

Becky & Cory are both present during each session, for the duration of each session. Each session begins with a 30 minute intake to check in, set your intention for the session and go over your oracle reading - prepared by Cory ahead of time (also printed out so you can refer to it later.) After intake there is a vocal meditation, which allows you to drop into your body and warm up your voice. The vocal meditation also allows the three of you to sync up, setting the space for the rest of the session. Next comes the Embodied Voice technique, a combination of bodywork (myofascial release, acupressure, massage), energy work, vocal work, visualization, and much more. This technique is unlike anything you have ever experienced and is a creation of Becky & Cory. Finally, there is an outtake for the final 30 minutes where you will have the opportunity to discuss important elements of the session, receive homework to further your growth and setup a check in call - a check in call follows every session and is in addition to the coaching calls included in the program.


Initial Visit

Think of this like a second date; the three of you are still getting to know each other before committing to work together. The nature of this work is extremely intimate and transformational, it needs to be a good fit all around - for you and for Becky & Cory. This is a 2 hour session where you receive bodywork and energy work, use your voice in a completely different manner than ever before and get an assessment from Becky & Cory about what is going on with your body, voice and energy. Usually this is the point at which the full program is discussed as well.


Session 1: Clearing

Clearing works two-fold, this is both to get clear about what you desire and clearing away the blocks that are keeping you from attracting what you want. This is a 3 hour session, complete with bodywork, energy work, and vocal work. While your entire body will be addressed in this session, the focus is on the area where the first layer of voice rests in the body: the throat and head.


Session 2: Calibration

Once you get clear about your desires it is time to fine tune your frequency to attract exactly what you want. You are always attracting something, though you may not be attracting your desires. Our intention is that you start attracting everything you want, no less. This is another 3 hour session complete with all the elements mentioned above, though the area of focus shifts to the second layer of voice which lies in the heart, both front and back. 


Session 3: Connect

Connection is also two-fold, in this session you will have the opportunity to fully connect to your power AND connect to your partner on the spiritual world. There are an infinite number or reasons to hide your power or hide from it, and in this session Becky & Cory help you work through all those reasons. This 3 hour session focuses on the third layer of voice, located over the power center, the solar plexus. 


Session 4: Calling In

The final session of your premium program is about calling in your desires. Through the first three sessions you have cleared away the blocks that have kept you rom getting what you want, you have gotten clear on what you want, you have fine tuned your frequency to start attracting want, plus you have connected to your partner and your power. Now it is time to call in your deepest desires, to turn up your amplitude and start attracting everything you desire. This is your final 3 hour session, focusing on the fourth layer of voice, located at the pelvis.

Part 2: Coaching & Community



Throughout your premium program you have personal access to Becky & Cory. Whether you need advise, support or you you just need someone to listen to you, Becky & Cory are available for your needs. In addition to the check in calls after each session, you get two additional calls to be used whenever you need them. You also get unlimited email support from Becky & Cory which is excellent for quick questions. PLUS, you get 6 months of group coaching calls with Becky & Cory. There is a support call the first and third Monday of every month. Each coaching call is recorded, so if you have a question but cannot make the call you can still get your question answered and listen to it later.



This will be a transformational process for you and often the people close to you won't be able to understand what you're going through. What makes this more challenging is the fact that the nature of this work is unlike anything else. With these things in mind, Becky & Cory have created a community on Facebook so you can connect with others who are going through a similar process. The community is secret which means you can't find it if you search, it is by invitation only. Becky & Cory value your privacy and keep your information completely confidential. You can decline the opportunity to be a part of this community if you wish and you will not be added automatically; the choice is completely up to you and is a conversation that you will have with Becky & Cory.

Part 3: Complementary Programs

Becky & Cory have several courses they have created to assist you in creating the life you desire. Each course begins with a 21 day program to help you get present to the fundamentals involved with the course of your choosing. Through the 21 days you will clear many of the blocks that occur at this foundational level. Once your complete the 21 day program, you will be able to start the 8 week course that builds upon the 21 day program you have chosen. The 8 week course you choose will take you deeper into the subject matter, complete with videos, exercises and printable homework. All of the 21 day programs are for sale separately, as are the 8 week courses, but the course of your choosing is Becky & Cory's gift to you to aid you along your journey as you work together.