Are You Tired of Fighting?


Tired of fighting? 

I grew up a little rough and tumble, a tomboy on a cattle ranch but still expected to be a good girl. I could hold my own with the boys and knew I was strong but I felt like I was always fighting something.

I remember my dad telling me that I didn't know how strong I was and that I had to be careful or I would hurt my brother and sister. I got really good at containing my emotion and holding back my power. 

I learned to work hard and play hard, but I didn't really want a hard life. When I was not much older than Lux and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said lazy! Somehow, I spent the next few decades doing everything not to be lazy. How else could I have completed two degrees and three minors while choreographing dance and working multiple jobs? Or running a business while finishing a PhD and raising a toddler.

I'm in a hurry to get things done, oh I rush around until life's no fun
All I've got to do is live and die, but I'm in a hurry and don't know why

I remember these words from song that I knew growing up and it's no longer my unconscious anthem. The New Moon used to sneak up on me and remind me about how behind I felt and that I didn't have clarity about what I should focus on for the month. 

I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of fighting my design and my desire. I'm tired of going against the flow and being out of alignment with the seasons of the year and cycles of the moon.

Now, I'm following the rhythm of my dreams, the phases of the moon and a very feminine way of doing business. I'm creating ease in my life and love helping others do the same. Don't worry, I'll still have plenty of adventures to share!

So what are YOU tired of? What do you want to focus on this month?