Am I a Lunatic?


Am I a Lunatic?

Like many healers, teachers and those on a spiritual path, I often question whether I am crazy or not. 

It's not just about hearing voices or interacting with unseen forces, but seeing possibility and positivity in a chaotic world. 

Am I crazy for trying to finish my PhD, run a coaching business, raise a highly sensitive little one, and take care of myself from a place of intuition and inspiration? 

Am I insane for wanting yoga teachers and coaches to learn how to sell their services without feeling like a sellout? 

Am I out of my mind for NOT wanting to bash the patriarchy while still honoring the rise of the feminine? 

Every message I'm receiving is telling me to slow down, to just BE and to trust. What most people don't realize is that the pace I'm at now feels excruciatingly slow. The speed of my intellect and intuition is beyond what we know of time. I get it and I know you do too. 

It can get get really confusing at times. I have 10,000 ideas downloading all at once for myself and for my clients. I know it's all going to work out beyond my wildest dreams and yet it seems like NOTHING is happening. At the same time, it seems like EVERYTHING is happening all at once and it can be overwhelming

I am being called into greater alignment with the seasons and cycles; to honor the moon at a deeper level than I was in the past when hosting Full Moon Chanting & Healing Rituals or recording the Moon Mantras CD. 

So yes, I am a LUNATIC. I am in love with the MOON. And if I'm crazy, that's ok too because I am not so sure that I would want to be considered sane in a crazy world. 

Something magical is being birthed in this process. Something I'll be ready to share soon.... Perhaps on the next full moon! 

In the meantime, enjoy a little soothing Moon Mantra that I like to call Reflective Mind. It honors the power of the moon's connection to our mind and the mind's connection to our heart. 

Many Blessings and Happy Full Moon!
Becky Center