Full Moon Ecstasy

The Full Moon is often tied to fulfillment, illumination or revelation. This is possible every month no matter the 'flavor' of the particular moon nor the degree of perfection of your intentions.

There is always some degree of light. Even on the darkest night, with the blackest moon... some light prevails. We are at the peak of this cycle and it is also a transition point. It is the three day orgasm as well as that sleepy moment of despair just before it's all over.

No matter how well you think you've done with your goal or intention that you set on the New Moon, there is opportunity for satisfaction here. And not a 'that's nice' kind of satisfaction, but the 'feel it down to your bones' kind. Mic Jagger might have been singing a whole different song if he'd tried this technique.

We're in full bloom and this is the ecstasy that prepares our bodies to receive the seed as well as to truly rest and reflect in the coming weeks.

The first part of this lunar cycle has been intense for many of you and might seem like nothing has really come to fulfillment. In fact, things may even seem a little darker or more confusing right now.

I get it... The pull to overwhelm is high right now. Exhaustion may seem just around the corner if this pace keeps up. You may even find yourself holding back or feeling tense and confused. This is NOT the moment to hold back nor to play small!

This is the time to surrender to your own greatness, to the power of your body, the beauty of your mind and the divinity of your breath.

What would it be like if you fully let go?

What would life be like if you made the leap right now and let yourself fall into your own fullness?

The pressure has built up, the senses greatly heightened and our ability to rewire not just our brains, but our whole lives is upon us. Flow states and enjoyment are thought to transcend even sexual pleasure, but that doesn't mean we can experience it along the way.

Feel into the first layer of your accomplishments over the last two weeks. Feel into the surface of your gratitude and the out shell of positivity. That's nice... and there's nothing wrong with doing so.

Now, feel in to any disappointments, frustration or even embarrassment. All of the parts that are there but we don't let play in the full light of day. Let them be seen in the full light of the moon. Let them open up space for a deeper layer of satisfaction, peace and flow.

Then choose to feel the power underneath all of that. Choose to feel the rawness of your gift and your truth. Choose to align with a fierce freedom in your body and let it begin to spill out into your life. Choose to open to the adventure and prepare to fall into ease as the moon wanes.

What's possible then? What else will you choose tonight?


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Are You Tired of Fighting?


Tired of fighting? 

I grew up a little rough and tumble, a tomboy on a cattle ranch but still expected to be a good girl. I could hold my own with the boys and knew I was strong but I felt like I was always fighting something.

I remember my dad telling me that I didn't know how strong I was and that I had to be careful or I would hurt my brother and sister. I got really good at containing my emotion and holding back my power. 

I learned to work hard and play hard, but I didn't really want a hard life. When I was not much older than Lux and was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said lazy! Somehow, I spent the next few decades doing everything not to be lazy. How else could I have completed two degrees and three minors while choreographing dance and working multiple jobs? Or running a business while finishing a PhD and raising a toddler.

I'm in a hurry to get things done, oh I rush around until life's no fun
All I've got to do is live and die, but I'm in a hurry and don't know why

I remember these words from song that I knew growing up and it's no longer my unconscious anthem. The New Moon used to sneak up on me and remind me about how behind I felt and that I didn't have clarity about what I should focus on for the month. 

I'm tired of being tired. I'm tired of fighting my design and my desire. I'm tired of going against the flow and being out of alignment with the seasons of the year and cycles of the moon.

Now, I'm following the rhythm of my dreams, the phases of the moon and a very feminine way of doing business. I'm creating ease in my life and love helping others do the same. Don't worry, I'll still have plenty of adventures to share!

So what are YOU tired of? What do you want to focus on this month? 

Am I a Lunatic?


Am I a Lunatic?

Like many healers, teachers and those on a spiritual path, I often question whether I am crazy or not. 

It's not just about hearing voices or interacting with unseen forces, but seeing possibility and positivity in a chaotic world. 

Am I crazy for trying to finish my PhD, run a coaching business, raise a highly sensitive little one, and take care of myself from a place of intuition and inspiration? 

Am I insane for wanting yoga teachers and coaches to learn how to sell their services without feeling like a sellout? 

Am I out of my mind for NOT wanting to bash the patriarchy while still honoring the rise of the feminine? 

Every message I'm receiving is telling me to slow down, to just BE and to trust. What most people don't realize is that the pace I'm at now feels excruciatingly slow. The speed of my intellect and intuition is beyond what we know of time. I get it and I know you do too. 

It can get get really confusing at times. I have 10,000 ideas downloading all at once for myself and for my clients. I know it's all going to work out beyond my wildest dreams and yet it seems like NOTHING is happening. At the same time, it seems like EVERYTHING is happening all at once and it can be overwhelming

I am being called into greater alignment with the seasons and cycles; to honor the moon at a deeper level than I was in the past when hosting Full Moon Chanting & Healing Rituals or recording the Moon Mantras CD. 

So yes, I am a LUNATIC. I am in love with the MOON. And if I'm crazy, that's ok too because I am not so sure that I would want to be considered sane in a crazy world. 

Something magical is being birthed in this process. Something I'll be ready to share soon.... Perhaps on the next full moon! 

In the meantime, enjoy a little soothing Moon Mantra that I like to call Reflective Mind. It honors the power of the moon's connection to our mind and the mind's connection to our heart. 

Many Blessings and Happy Full Moon!
Becky Center