Whether you speak to sell from the stage, pitch your ideas to potential clients or give presentations in the boardroom, you need to connect with your audience - and more importantly, they need to connect to you

If you are unable to be seen, heard and felt, it is nearly impossible to fully connect.

The inspiration you hope for will fall flat and the impact you want to make will miss the mark. 



The same principles apply whether you are speaking live, on camera or over the phone - the challenges are the same.


When it comes time to make your offer, do you feel your throat tighten?

Do you get quiet at that crucial moment?

Are you tired of hearing no when you know you have the perfect solution?


If you are ready to take your speaking, and your voice, to the next level the Embodied Voice Jumpstart is the answer you've been waiting for!


In the Embodied Voice Jumpstart you will learn:

How to speak from the wisdom of your body so you can be fully heard

How to remove the mask that is preventing your audience from fully seeing you

How to work through your emotional blocks and limiting beliefs so you can fully connect with yourself and your audience

Start making the difference you are called to make from the stage, in the boardroom and over the phone!



Your Embodied Voice Jumpstart includes:

3 interactive exercises to help you clear the blocks around being seen, heard and felt

3 months of group coaching where you can ask any questions you have

Access to a private Facebook group to discuss your blocks and breakthroughs

An Embodied Voice Assessment Form that will help you identify what may be holding you back from making the difference you're called to make


This Jumpstart is easily worth $497, but it is yours today for only $47!

We want to see you succeed and make the difference you want to make. Get a jumpstart on your speaking NOW!