Meet Becky & Cory

Becky & Cory Center are a couple who have taken the idea of co-creation to a whole new level. They are committed to helping women find relationships that exceed their expectations.They first met in February 2013 and felt an immediate connection, so much so that they were married and started a business in only 5 months! Becky & Cory have created a relationship where they can be completely open and honest with each other, sharing every part of their lives together. They are one of the most fun-loving couples you will ever meet, a characteristic that radiates from them on stage. Becky & Cory are international speakers and have worked with clients from Mexico, Canada and all across the United States. They are the creators of The Relationship Detox, a program designed to assist you in letting go of past relationships, transforming your relationship to money, and creating a new relationship to yourself. If you want to be understood and attract your ideal partner with ease, Becky & Cory are who you've been waiting for.


"I feel reborn, I feel more alive, more in love, more secure, as though my life purpose has found me... Thank you once again, you two are amazing!"
- Vance Blackmore, Cranbrook, BC, Canada



Relationship Detox

Do you feel like something is holding you back from living the life you desire? Are you ready for more confidence? Would you like to accept all of who you are without apology?  If you're ready to start attract what you want in life, this program is for you. It is no secret that you form connections with everyone you encounter, or that you form stronger bonds with those you’re close to. What you may not know is how your current relationships to money and yourself are keeping you stuck and feeling depleted; or how the bonds you have formed with those closest to you could be making you anxious, depressed or keep you from moving forward. If you are ready to attract what you want in life and it feels like something just keeps getting in the way, it might be time for a Relationship Detox. 

Embodied Voice

Are you ready to attract your ideal partner? What about your ideal clients? Would you like to make more money? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, this program is for you. The common element in attracting your desires is your voice, combine that will eliminating limiting beliefs, past pain and trauma from your body and you have a recipe for attracting everything you want in life. Becky & Cory have designed this program specifically to help you find your authentic voice and your fullest expression so that you can start attracting the romance you've always wanted, the perfect clients for your business, and more money to spend on what you want in life. Apply now!



Identity Makeover

Do you feel like you have a purpose for your life, but have so far been unable to do anything to act on making that dream a reality? Do you have a BIG vision for your life, but can't seem to get yourself to align with that vision? If you really want to make your dreams a reality and start living your life purpose, this program is for you. Learn how to let go of all the ways you have identified yourself in the past, and create an identity that is in alignment with your vision. Master the communication skills you need, create the plan and break through the mental blocks that have kept you from living your calling. If you can't effectively articulate your passion to someone else, you have no plan of action and you are still struggling with the mental obstacles that naturally arise when in pursuit of your mission, how can you make the difference you're called to make? Let the professionals guide you through the process as you transform from who you are to who you want to be. It's time for a makeover!


21 Day Mantra Meditation: Lalita Stotram

This book will take you on a journey through 21 aspects of your psyche, as reflected by the Hindu goddess Lalita, "she who plays." Embark on a journey with this book, exploring everything from Divine Beauty to Bliss, and remember to play as you experience these 21 qualities in depth, getting a deeper understanding of who you are in this life. This ancient Sanskrit text is translated into English, with an in-depth meditation to accompany each topic in this short book. Transform the way you see the world, in 21 days.


Moon Mantras: Sanskrit Sounds for the Soul

This album is all Sanskrit mantras dedicated to honoring the moon. The moon has been revered as a symbol of magic and healing in many cultures throughout history. These songs will allow you to get in touch with an ancient part of yourself. Offering your voice is a way to get in touch with the healing power inside of you, and if you choose to chant along with the amazing tracks on this album, you will feel a noticeable difference in your body when you finish.There is a breakdown of how to chant each mantra included so that you can chant along, and each mantra is designed to bring health, wealth and happiness into your life.  Experience the power of your own voice with this unique style of mantra meditation. hant along with each track and watch the magic unfold around you.