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Full Moon Chanting & Meditation

  • Full Moon Chanting & Meditation TBA Bay Area, CA USA (map)

Come partake in a circle of vocal meditation with Sanskrit mantra recitation. Experience the power of using your own voice in a group. Chanting in a group releases oxytocin - the love hormone, while reducing cortisol - the stress hormone. Learn a mantra that relates to healing, the transformative power of the moon and receive the healing vibrations of sound.

During the course of the evening, you will have the opportunity to rest in the middle of the circle so you can receive the healing vibrations of being chanted to. All the cells in your body emit sound as a result of their metabolic processes. Through chanting, you can re-harmonize the cells that have been disrupted by the disruptive frequencies of your everyday environment.

Modern day physics has proven that everything in our world is in constant vibration, and in many philosophical and religious sound is believed to be the creative, generating force of  the Universe. Combining chanting and intent, you can begin to vibrate faster and at a cellular level. You can literally "raise your vibration."

7pm Tea & Introductions

7:30pm - 9:30pm Vocal Meditation & Chanting

Suggested Donation: $10

Feel free to bring your friends and lovers

Peace and Bliss with Love and Light
Becky & Cory Center
founders of Mantra Med