There is treasure buried deep within your consciousness and it has been hidden in two main areas: Your shadow and your light. While up to now you might have viewed your shadow as the part of you that is bad or that part of you that you don't dare venture into. Today is the day you get to break all the rules and take a walk on the wild side; today is the day you get to explore your shadow. While it may be true that many thoughts, emotions and beliefs that you want to keep hidden do get placed in your shadow where you keep them safe from the world, there are many gifts, skills and strengths that have been stashed away in your shadow as well.

Whenever you experience shame around some part of yourself, that piece of you is placed in your shadow where it often stays for the rest of your life. There are many ways this can occur, some of the most common are when you share part of yourself when you are young and get embarrassed for it, any time an adult scolded you for doing something when you were young, when you are experiencing an emotion that is too much for someone else to handle. You get the idea. Why these things have been placed into the part of you in shadow is irrelevant for today, the point is that all these things do exist and that they are stuck in your shadow somewhere, unable to see the light of day.

Your shadow is the part of you that helps you relate to others, it is in your shadow that you find the parts of you that are vulnerable and open up the space for you to relate to someone else - and for them to relate to you. Without the willingness to share all of who you are with someone else, it is impossible to have a deep, soul connection with them. It is in this deep place of vulnerability where relationships grow strong. This does not necessarily mean you have to share everything with everyone, of course you can if you want to, but start with those you really trust and know support you. The first step is to uncover the things that are stuck in your shadow so you can reconnect to them and get them out in the open.

The other part of yourself where gifts, strengths and skills stay hidden is in your light side. Your light side is the part of you that is in constant contact with the Divine. It is this part of you that connects you with everyone and everything. Because this is the part of you that remains in contact with the Divine, this part of you can also be terrifying to step into. Often, the light part of you is more scary to explore than the shadow is. Today, you will have the opportunity to venture into this part of yourself as well. Any gifts you have that you cannot explain, your "potential," and your intuition all derive from this part of you; though there is much, much more that exists here for you.

When you become familiar with both your light and shadow sides, you will find a central point in your being that you may have yet to tap into. Once you are willing to face all the things you have buried in your spirit, soul and subconscious you will experience your power in a profound and new way. As you move into and through the things that live in your shadow and light, you will start to notice a unity unfold in your life. You will also notice a lack of fear around any part of who you are. Fear won't necessarily disappear from your life, but there will be nothing about yourself that you have to fear once you are able to go fully into these areas and assimilate them into who you are. When you bring these pieces of yourself together, you will have the ability to live as the fullest expression of who you are in every area, every moment of your life so you can be seen, heard and felt for the real you. The Inner World Detox is setup to help you get into both sides of yourself deeply and thoroughly so you can assimilate all of yourself. Be gentle, take your time and remember: This is a process, so practice like you would anything else you want to master.


Surrender into all of who you are:

It's time to fulfill your purpose!

The world needs every part of you; you are here for a reason.

Journal Questions

1. What are some emotions you have placed in your shadow side? Beliefs? Thoughts? How long have they been there?

2. What is the one thing you fear about stepping fully into your power? How will your life change by stepping fully into your power? How do you feel about those changes?

3. Who do you hope to be by stepping into the fullness of who you are? How does this align with your vision of who you are? How does this make you feel?


The Inner World Detox is longer and more involved than any other recording you have utilized throughout the program. In order to get the full value, make the time to sit through the entire thing without breaking or pausing. Turn your phone off, go somewhere that you won't be disturbed and dive deep into who you are. It's time.