You form connections with those you encounter all day, everyday, and it is completely natural to form a slight connection with each person you come into contact with. Each time you interact with someone, you form a loose bond with that person; imagine for a moment what your world would look like if you were to hand every person you interact with a thread - and this happens every time you interact with them. The people you interact with most will have a stronger cord, but we'll get into that later. Visualize the people you interacted with today and what it would look like if you gave each one of them a thread that connects to you somewhere. Make sure to include family, friends, co-workers, clients, the teller at the bank, the cashier at the grocery - you get the idea. 

These encounters are not limited to the people that you interact with in person; you are still encountering people when you check your email, when you are on the phone, when you read an article online. Imagine that you can magically attach a thread to all of those people also. Now visualize the web of threads that attach to you - and that's just today. In reality, you are forming a bond with all of these people; you are energetically attached to them, even if only with a thread. If you don't clear away these threads on a regular basis, they add up and start to take a toll on you physically, mentally and emotionally. This does not mean that you need to go live like a hermit on a mountain somewhere, only that you need to regularly detach the threads that connect you with those you encounter each day. 

Today you have the opportunity to learn a quick release technique called the Daily Detox. There will be much deeper releases later, this is only a starting point. Use this technique any time you feel like you need to release energy that is not yours, or disconnect from the energy of others you have picked up throughout your day. When you use this technique, just focus on the energy you feel in the moment; it is designed to help you gain clarity in the moment and release the energy of the recent past. The full detox is coming, for now focus on today.


No matter what has occurred throughout your day, or how challenging things might get, remember:

It's never too late to start your day over!

Each moment is an end and a beginning; let go of what is not working and try something new.

Journal Questions

1. Make a list of all the people you encountered today, from the phone calls, to the coffee shop, to every email you answered. You don't have to know their names, just identify them in some way.

2. Reflect on your list: What do you notice about the amount of people you interacted with today? How is your energy level? What is your mood like?

3. Practice the Daily Detox below. What do you notice about your energy level now? What is different? What is your mood like? How do you feel?


Thankfully there is a process to let go of the threads you have formed throughout your interactions today that is effective and easeful. Listen to the Daily Detox and detach the threads of your encounters. Also, continue to listen to and use the Attention Training: Finding Connections to deepen the connection with your body.