Beliefs are the result of combining thoughts and emotions then attaching them to your identity. The thing about beliefs is that unlike your thoughts, you identify absolutely with your beliefs. This can cause all kinds of problems, especially when your beliefs conflict with those of another. Beliefs are the foundation for most of the wars fought throughout history, but they are not true. A belief is a confidence that something is true; nothing more than opinions that you feel strongly about. Now, this does not make your beliefs wrong, nor does it make anyone else's wrong. No matter what you believe, you are right - and so is everyone else. 

Belief will govern more of your actions than your emotions will. Plus, when you act in accordance with what you believe, it is usually quite difficult to persuade you to do otherwise. This confidence can be an incredible tool if it is taking you in the right direction - if your beliefs are in alignment with who you choose to be in the world. Unfortunately, most of the beliefs that you have assimilated are limiting; they can become like a prison you are trapped in.

Limiting beliefs are something that will hold you back more than anything else you will ever encounter; when you believe that you can't do something, you are making the decision to not even try. Even if you do make an attempt (whether to appease someone else, because you feel obligated, or whatever) and succeed, you will often write it off as a fluke. This type of belief is debilitating and will keep you from creating the life you want to have. Since beliefs are nothing more than opinions you feel strongly about, you have the power to change these, to rewrite them. First you have to take an honest look inside yourself and find out what they are. Once you identify your limiting beliefs, you have a starting point. A limiting belief is any belief you hold that says you cannot do something, that you are unable, that something is impossible, or that that's just the way things are. Any statement that disempowers you is a limiting belief.

When you understand and can really take to heart that beliefs are subjective, you can accept people's actions and often see them in a much different light. When you truly adopt this idea as a way of being, you will be able to learn something new from everyone you encounter, regardless of how different you might be. Also, you can start to break out of the prison you have built around yourself with the limiting beliefs that are keeping you confined.

Keep in mind that many of these beliefs were programmed into you, they did not originate with you. Most limiting beliefs come from other people telling you that you can't do something, that some way of being isn't you, or that you shouldn't waste you time trying something. It is in this way that these limiting beliefs continue to be passed on through the generations, often unconsciously. Many of these beliefs get passed down by the most well-meaning individuals in our lives because they are trying to keep you safe, they are afraid they will lose you if you succeed, or even that they are afraid to make the attempt themselves.

If you want to make a difference in people's lives and you have great ideas that could revolutionize the world it is time to take some action. Innovation starts by breaking free from the limiting beliefs that say you can't. The people that change the world are the one's that do what everyone else says they can't. This doesn't mean they are unafraid, but that they face their fears and press on in spite of them, and you are just as capable as anyone else. It's time for you to be free from these bonds and to make the difference you are called to make in your own life, in your relationships and in the world. Are you ready?


When you encounter someone with beliefs that oppose your own, remember:

You are both right!

When you take the time to listen to what others believe you can learn something from everyone.

Journal Questions

1. What are the limiting beliefs you currently hold? How long have these beliefs kept you from taking action? What beliefs do you choose to replace these beliefs with?

2.  What are some beliefs you hold that are in alignment with who you want to be? Which beliefs are aligned with your vision? What are some beliefs you choose to create that are aligned with these things?

3. What is the difference you really want to make in the world? If you had no limitations what would you create in the world? What is the revolution you would start?


Continue practicing the Attention Training: Transcending Opposites today.  Notice the new levels of focus and awareness you attain as you deepen your practice.