Much like time, money is a social agreement that you learned at an early age. You have agreed to the use of currency, though chances are you have never made a choice to engage in the financial system. You use money every day, it is part of how you are able to function in society; however, your relationship with money is one thing you are totally responsible for - no one can decided what your relationship with money looks like, that is solely your choice. The problem is that you have not been given the opportunity to make that choice, and that is what you get to look at today.

Money is nothing more than an agreement, an exchange of value. The financial system is based on the old days of bartering, when you would trade your goods or services for the goods and services of others. The difference now is that there is a common denominator that makes an attempt to equalize everything - this is where money comes in. In reality, money is just a placeholder. At one point in time, paper money was backed up by an amount of gold; each dollar was a note promising that one day you would pay someone in gold. This is because gold is of value and the cotton and ink that is used to make money is really not worth anything. We have long since moved away from the gold standard, which is why money has become nothing more than a placeholder.

This means that you can make money mean anything you want it to mean. That doesn't mean you can just stop using money and continue life in today's society, it means that you can choose the energy that money represents to you. This will allow you to transform your relationship with money completely. Instead of worrying about paying the bills, getting food on the table, and stressing about whether any unexpected expenses will come up, you can create a sense of ease and flow around your money. The relationship you have with money will make a huge difference in the way you interact with your expenses, your clients and the people close to you with whom you share money (family, lovers, etc).

In order for you to change this relationship, you must start by showing your gratitude for all the things you are able to do. Stop focusing on what you can't do and what you don't have and shift your focus to everything you do have. This simple shift will allow you to find your joy, no matter what state your finances are in; then you can approach your financial situation in a space where you can interact in a way that is productive.

The next step is for you to see what the being looks like that represents money for you right now. Most likely, this being is not something you want around you, and if that is the case, you won't keep money around you. The energetics just aren't in alignment. Of course, once you face this being, you can release it and call in a being that you love to interact with that will represent money for you. This will allow you to form a whole new relationship with your money and when you love your money, it will stay around. Once you start to shift this relationship, you will notice major changes in your financial situation - the first step is to take a real, honest look into the heart of your finances.


Instead of focusing on all the things you don't have:

Focus on gratitude!

When you are grateful the world responds in like.

Journal Questions

1. What are you grateful for in your life? What are some things you have and are able to do that you are thankful for?

2.  Since money is only a placeholder, what do you want money to represent for you? What energy would you like money to hold for you from this point forward?

3. Take a look at your money monster - what does the being that currently represents money look like? Sound like? How does this being act? Write or draw a detailed description of this being and release from it using the World of Agreements Detox tomorrow.

4. Create your money honey - what does your ideal money being look like? Act like? Sound like? Write or draw a detailed description of this being to use in the World of Agreements Detox tomorrow.


It's finally here, use the World of Agreements Detox to release Time today. Refer to the beings you interacted with yesterday, and continue to practice the Embodied Yes / No Meditation today to get even more familiar with what your yes and no feel like.