When you are congruent, you are making it possible to have very real communication with others in your life because you are open about the way you feel. This doesn't mean that all communication in your life will be easy or that everything will always go your way. What this means is that you can walk away from every interaction with a sense of peace, knowing that you shared everything on your heart. By fully expressing yourself, you are allowing yourself to be a clear channel without built up thoughts, feelings and emotions getting stuck in your body so you're able to be more present, more compassionate and more of yourself in every situation you encounter. Congruence is a big step toward fully surrendering into your life purpose, without being congruent, you are keeping old patterns, limiting beliefs and past pain stuck in your body and mind. When you can truly let go of these things and become a master of congruence, your whole life will transform, as will all your relationships, past, present and future.