What is MantraMed?

MantraMed is a company with many facets; it is an idea, a concept, an attitude. MantraMed combines elements of sound healing, shamanism, energy work, coaching, brain re-patterning and much, much more. At the heart of MantraMed are its founders: Becky & Cory Center; MantraMed is truly a blending of their essences into something this world has never seen before. MantraMed gives people not only the permission to express themselves completely, but the tools with which to do so. No matter how stuck you may feel in your life, Becky & Cory can empathize and empower you to break free and live out loud.


Becky & Cory met in February 2013 in San Francisco, CA while participating in the Landmark Forum. The two had an instant connection, becoming fast friends - sharing ideas, visions and projects. Cory was in need of a place to stay as he was transitioning out of a previous relationship while Becky was studying Sanskrit chanting in England. Even from halfway across the world, the two stayed in contact, deepening their connection with only the use of Facebook. When Becky returned, Cory moved in to Becky's apartment in Berkeley with the intent to find a place of his own... and never left.

The two started going on adventures together, listening as their spirit guides told them where to go - sometimes with no indication of where, aside from a direction. As they explored the West Coast together, Becky & Cory grew closer all the time, falling in love and creating a beautiful partnership. On July 4th, 2013 they were spontaneously married in the backyard of their dear friends Ben & Jen Rode, who performed the ceremony with their 4 month old daughter Bella and a few friends in attendance. July was a big month for Becky & Cory, not only were they married, they started laying the ground work for MantraMed that month as well, hiring their business coaches Mark Allen Grainger and Shannon Law to help them combine their essences and create a business together.


Becky's passion lies in the power of the voice; dedicated to sharing the power of the voice with the world, she has developed a one-of-a-kind system to build confidence, clarity and security all using your own voice. She is pursuing her Ph.D in Asian Studies at CIIS (The California Institute of Integral Studies), focusing on how Sanskrit chanting effects the brain. Becky is also a certified sound healer and coach. Before stepping onto her current path, she taught high school mathematics, was adance choreographer and a dancer herself. Upon graduating with her Bachelors Degree in Mathematics, she married, bought a house, a car, a couple dogs and a couple cats with her first husband - a lobbyist for the State of Colorado. In spite of dinners at the governor's mansion, the house, the cars and the job she was left unfulfilled. When she discovered yoga and met her Sanskrit teacher, her life changed forever. She learned how to fully express herself, and found her true path in life. Still great friends with her first husband, Becky is driven to teach others how to step into their full power and live a life they love - a life that is truly fulfilling.


Cory has been around also, studying life in a much different manner. From a young age, Cory has been in communication with the spirit realm. His spirit guides were his teachers, delivering messages not only for him, but for those around him as well. A true modern-day shaman (urban shaman as he calls himself), he has always lived between the worlds. He shunned his gifts for awhile, feeling like an outcast in a society that didn't want to hear what the spirits had to say. He became an amazing musician, playing the trumpet for over ten years before discovering the power of the drums which he now uses in ceremony. Music was not enough to satiate his desire to fill the hole left in his soul after turning his back on the spirits however, and he eventually turned to drugs in an attempt to fill that hole. When even heroin couldn't fill the void, Cory turned to theft, trying to steal back what he had lost. In early 2010, Cory landed in prison, a wake up call to say the least. He spent his time wisely, making prison his monastery; he re-established his connection with the spirits, fully stepping onto his path upon his release in 2012. Cory now proudly walks in both worlds, using his gifts for healing and sharing messages with those who choose to listen.

Together, Becky & Cory guide others to find their path in this world. They provide services to heal scars from past relationships, manage stress and anxiety, and create a life you have always dreamed of living. They have developed a system to reprogram the patterns that have held you back from grasping your full potential. Becky & Cory provide the tools to re-connect your mind and heart; giving them to you to use for the rest of your life. Get connected. Be empowered. Own the space you're in and live out loud.

MantraMed is an experience.


Are you ready for an adventure?